Cross-platform cloud solution allow to receive and process data in real time. The platform has engineering modules based on neural networks, for solving a wide range of tasks. From conventional monitoring to forecasting based on analysis of big data and machine learning, which allows to reveal hidden potential or shortcomings at each stage of work.

Software development

An individual approach to each client allows us to develop unique solutions that satisfy the business and engineering requirements.

Turn Key solution

Full package services from software development till implementation. Our remote engineering center will support your project in real time 24/7.

Platform features

WES Platform - All solutions in one place.

Principle of operation


WES collection and metering devices are installed on the controlled equipment, or partners' instruments are used. All equipment complies with industry standards (explosion-proof design, temperature limits)

Data collection

The deployment of the system (modules for receiving and transmitting data, data transformation modules, matching units, data acquisition systems) is possible both at a remote drilling site without proper infrastructure, and at a well-developed field. Collection and processing of data from various sources (drilling sensors, cattle, production, transportation, compressor equipment and engines). Those. equipment maintenance by our specialists at the work site.

Data transmission and storage

Real-time data transmission using a secure protocol. Convert of data into all known industry standards and data transmission protocols. The ability to resume files in the event of a signal break allows you to avoid gaps in the overall picture of work. Our algorithms allow you to transmission data “on the fly”, which contributes to the high speed of information transmission. Data is stored on secure WES servers.

Data processing

The data processing system is based on generally accepted standards, using both proprietary algorithms and traditional algorithms for extracting sets of informative features of the oil and gas industry. Data analysis is carried out in real time without the participation of company personnel.

Data visualization and monitoring

To visualize the data, modern developments are used to create work panels that fully meet the needs of the client. Instant notifications to engineers in the event of a change in parameters and measurements. Alert business leaders about a change in the status of approval of documents. It is important that all the data can be used as a reliable source to determine the cause or the guilty party in case of accidents.


At the initial stage, the information received is analyzed using neural networks and an analysis is made with predicted parameters. WES specialists and Client employees make decisions based on the information received. As data accumulates, the platform itself determines which recommendations to provide and what actions to take.

Application area

Exploration and production

Creation of key performance indicators and standards for each type of work (time for installation / dismantling, speed of STR, speed of building). Improving the technology of work using technical calculations and computational algorithms (increasing penetration using MSE calculation, improving wellbore cleaning, changing the parameters of screw pumps depending on the incoming fluid or mechanical stress) Real-time production and drilling parameters accounting (pressure, temperature, flow rate)

Transportation and processing

Monitoring and accounting of the pumped volume through the pipeline, measuring pressure drops and temperature drops. Monitoring the status of compressor stations for the analysis of noise and vibration. Diagnostics of electric and gas engines. Visualization and optimization of the processing process using automation and machine learning.

Ecology and Safety

Automated environmental monitoring. Measurement of gas emissions, control of the disposal of harmful substances. Integration and provision of automated reports in state regulatory authorities. Testing employees for professional suitability, accounting for working hours in a harmful environment. Video monitoring. Accounting for the operating time of equipment for conducting a scheduled inspection (drill pipes, instrumentation, tackle system)


Monitoring and registration of movement of vehicles with storage in the database. Registration of all parameters (time, place, speed, driving style, indicators of those state of vehicles) with a notification about the need to carry out maintenance of vehicles. Using neural networks and machine learning to optimize costs.

Business processes

Our specialists integrate into your project for a more accurate understanding of the processes. We can optimize the company’s clerical work, including such aspects as a work plan, well affairs, and databases. We carry out a number of activities designed to improve the quality of work performed and optimize processes at each stage.


Tracking operating time and predictive repairs of equipment - mud pumps, top drives, electric and gas engines, compressor equipment, sucker rod pumping unit , ESP, electric centrifugal pumps.


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The advanced technologies of the IT industry, combined with the rich experience of our specialists, open up the hidden potential of the oil and gas industry.

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